Finding a well-suited and qualified physician for your organization can be an exhausting process, especially when considering the critical nature of most searches. Medicorp Inc. has founded its reputation on providing physician recruitment solutions with the efficiency such endeavors require. Our recruiters understand that the success of your organization not only relies on finding the best physicians but finding them quickly and placing them with minimal disruption. Since 1991, we have proven to be the leaders in the efficient and effective placement of physician talent.


We are constantly searching and identifying the most competent and skilled physicians across a broad spectrum of specialties. We carefully interview each potential candidate to ensure they meet the specific needs prescribed by our clients. Our database includes both popular and unique physician and medical practitioner specialties, allowing us to fine-tune our search and filter for only the most relevant and qualified individuals. If you need a specific specialty for which we do not currently meet, we have the resources to find suitable candidates quickly.


Since 1991, Medicorp Inc. has been building relationships, compiling physician data, and expanding our resources and connections to emerge as one of the most respected and trusted physician recruitment firms in the industry. Our dedication to both the search and recruitment industry and to our focus on physicians has allowed us to amass the most in-depth and exhaustive database that, when combined with our committed experience, makes us the most obvious and logical choice for organizations who need to find the best talent immediately.

If your organization is in need of general or specialized physician talent, accelerate the process and gain access to the most qualified candidates by engaging Medicorp Inc.

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