We have been successfully placing physicians into the perfect practices for over 21 years now and it seems that the physicians we help just can't stop talking about us and singing our praises.

"One of the best decisions I have made"

I received many E-mails from physician recruiters during my last two years of residency. I was not going to use a physician recruiter originally, but I thought maybe it might be helpful to see what's available. I looked at several websites and decided to contact Brad Bohannan at Medicorp Inc. That was one of the best decisions I have made.

Brad took my information and listened, I mean really listened to what I had to say and what type of position I was looking for. Within a few days he had responded with many potential jobs. All of them were just the type of position I was looking for. I really was quite amazed. He didn't send any unwanted or filler (just to look good) potential jobs that were not what we discussed. All the locations fit the requirements including salary, location, type of business and hours. He made helpful suggestions and returned all my e-mails and calls promptly. He offered salary negotiation assistance and contract assistance.

Brad far exceeded my expectations and made my job search much easier and opened my eyes to many job opportunities that I did not know were available. With his help I found the perfect job for me in the perfect location.

- Dr. Shamblin

"Makes me feel comfortable"

My name is Ziyad Wadi, I am a physician gastroenereologist and I am currently working with Mr. Bohannon on finding a job. I just want to commend you for hiring Mr. Bohannon. He is very hard working, honest, straight forward and has presented me with great opportunities. The most important quality that I enjoyed and let me fully trust Mr. Bohannon is that he is unbiased to all the opportuniies he presented. He wasn't pushy to have me sign immediately. He never got offended or upset if I rejected an opportunity. Even though I am at the end of my search for a job, he continues to provide me with other opportunities which makes me feel comfortable that he wants me to be happy with my future career. I have worked with several job recreuiters and he was the only one who does not rush me or get offended if I reject an aopprotunity.

These are qualities every job recruiter should possess and I very much enjoy working with Mr. Bohannon. I have given his contact info to several of my colleagues because truly I think he is wonderful and a pleasure to work with

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and I will be looking forward to hearing from you if you have any questions

- Z. Wadi M.D.

"Facts talk louder than words"

I am Dr. Sergio M Lema, Internal Medicine at TAMC, Presque Isle. I have the chance to thank you and congratulate you for leading such a successful company and for the excellence of your recruiters, specially of Brad Bohannon as a recruiter.

I was a late applicant with J1 visa and very specific needs about the place I needed to stay, and after trying many recruiters I did not have a position secured in early June. Somehow I was able to contact Brad and for the first time I noticed somebody really adjusting to my needs, fantastically empathetic, finding me no time 3 matching places.

I am now part one of those places. Facts talk louder than words, that is the difference that Brad and other recruiters.

- Dr. Sergio Lema

"A 'Painless' Experience"

Just wanted to say 'Thank You' for all your efforts. I was unable to say much earlier today, while I was at work - too many people around. It was a pleasure to work with you. If there is anything I can do to help promote you and your company please let me know. With your recommendations and guidence this entire process from Redfield to Manitowoc was pretty much a 'painless' experience!

- B. Neumann M.D.

"The word tenacious comes to mind"

After working with many recruitment companies over the years I have come to find that Jack and his staff are without fail the best I have seen. The word tenacious comes to mind when I think of Medicorp as they have worked and placed myself and many of my colleagues as well with the same outcome, successful.

- R. Harrington M.D.

"Just What The Doctor Ordered"

You were just what the doctor ordered! I told you what I wanted and you went straight to the perfect job for me. No BS and only realistic contract negotiations. I will always appreciate the service you provided me and my family.

- D. Pate M.D.

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